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Hi, I’m Leize!

Entrepreneur, Investor, Mother, Radical Empowerer, Goddess, Sister, and Coach.

I have helped hundreds of women achieve, define, move toward, and achieve their dreams, and I can help you!

“Leize is a conductor of Freedom”   -Kelli Anna Gendala

Do you…

  • Have a dream on the shelf?
  • A project you want to complete?
  • Want a shift in one or more of your relationships? 
  • Desire?

Are you…

  • Tired of asking for less than you deserve?
  • Tired of working so damn hard?
  • Tired of feeling blah?
  • Just Tired?

Do you want to create…

  • A business?
  • A relationship?
  • A family?
  • A sisterhood?
  • The life of your dreams?

Spend six months with me.  You will be astonished by what you can create.  

“I find Leize’s coaching to be direct yet graceful and connected deeply to the feminine.  She has taken me places in my leadership that I could never imagine possible. I have been able to work about half the hours and make almost double what I was making when I was working 60 hours per week.”   -Annah Davis

Proven results in: Unleashing Divine Feminine Power | Calling Forth “The King” | Developing Passionate, Committed Teams | Freeing the Bonds of the “Starving Artist” | Retooling Destructive Patterns and Putting them to Work | Radical Empowerment | Parenting from the Extraordinary | Building your Dream Business

“I have found confidence in myself again because of this positive coaching and guidance.  I am more empowered and feel more ready than ever to step forward into leadership.” -Leigh Ann Gibson