Leize Your Goddess℠ Trainings

“My ‘Leize Your Goddess’ Novitiate invited me to explore parts of myself that I had previously ignored and to see beauty within me that I had not been willing to see before this training.  I feel sparkly all the time now. It’s like something is alive within me that was sleeping before.” 

-Aerial Dowdy

Leize Your Goddess℠ Novitiate

For those who don’t want coaching, but desire to love themselves like never before, who desire to be reminded of what it feels like to be in sisterhood, or who want to move deeper into their lusty, powerful, beautiful, delicious, hungry feminine core, this 12-week basic course invites connection in a way we all deeply crave.  Investment: $1000

“From my LYG Novitiate, I have discovered a new type of confidence that comes from my sacred inner core not from what I wear or look like or contribute.  

I also realized that I had been limiting myself in ways that I could not see.  I had done several types of growth work previously, but without Leize’s focus on the Goddess, everything was effort.  Now it flows naturally.”  

–Ashley Rondon

The sisterhood within my Leize Your Goddess Training has given me the comfort, confidence, and excitement to exude all my being in passionate vulnerability.  In addition to helping me become more self-aware, Leize has helped me find pieces of myself that I had lost within society’s expectations and I have unleashed the zesty desires of my sacred feminine core.   –Marcy Strangis

Leize Your Goddess℠ Mastery and Expert programs also available