Our salons vary in the services and products they offer as well as the prices they charge.  Please visit the page of your salon of interest to view pricing.  Where our salons align is in a consistent set of standards for staff members to advance through our ranks. 

Service Levels

Many factors influence the level of our technical staff, including advanced education, experience, client satisfaction, ability, and how high the demand is to get an appointment with him or her.

At the higher talent levels a client can expect some combination of:

  • Clearer consultation with enhanced description of the pros/cons of several options
  • Greater technical expertise and more precision in service execution
  • Shorter appointment durations due to increased efficiency and working with an assistant
  • Increased ability to tailor a cut or color to a client’s face shape or features or styling habits.
  • Advanced knowledge of progressive cutting and/or coloring techniques
  • Enhanced specialization in a particular area
New Talent:

Our entry level for our newest hires is New Talent, and there are three levels in that category:  NT .1, NT .2 and NT .3.

They are new to our salon and may have previous salon experience or may be very talented recent graduates.  New talent is a great option for any guest who his budget-minded.

Levels 1 through 5:

level 1 has earned the right to be considered a full-fledged Phia staff member.  This would be the equivalent to “earning their chair” in many salons.  They exhibit a highly-competent level of skill.

As a staff member progresses, s/he will progress through level 2, level 3 and level 4 before eventually becoming a level 5.