• All the salons we work with offer Great Locations, Competitive Pay and Supportive Team Environments.PC1
  • Stylists enjoy world-class education, great commissions, and dedicated assistants.
  • Experienced stylists receive credit for all their previous experience…no need to “start over”
  • No time-commitment required (though most staff chooses to commit to 1 to 3 years to take full advantage of all the opportunities our salon offers).


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To learn more about employment at Phia Concept Salons, keep reading!

Are you the kind of professional we want for our team?

Phia Concepts provides recruiting services for affiliated organizations.  We recruit staff who are loyal, trustworthy, flexible, and have the ability to deal with change.

We recommend only positive, motivated individuals who are quick learners, who want to earn high incomes and who have the confidence and skill to ask for whatever they need in order to be successful.  If you have visions of chatting on your cell phone in the break room, or reading a magazine while you wait for clients to find you, a Phia Concept location is NOT for you!

The Phia Concepts hiring process

    • Our hiring process begins with several chances for an applicant to collect information about our opportunities:
    • Shadowing at least one-two shifts and/or meeting visits.
    • We recommend a morning and evening shift in a Phia Concept salon to get a feel for the salon, its layout, our team, and how the applicant might fit in as a team member, as well as how we begin and end our days.

Informational Interview

This session is an overview of the factors that unite Phia Concept Salons and and some basic operational philosophies. Pay is briefly explained (the explanation goes into greater detail in the final interview).

Technical Interview

This portion is recommended for all potential service providers but is only required in certain situations. We like to see a complete service on a model the applicant provides, beginning with a consultation, then formulation, application, cut, and finish. The color service should include foiling somewhere on the head, cut should change the basic shape of the haircut (we don’t want to see a “trim”). We assist with formulation and mixing if an applicant is not familiar with our color line or using scales to weigh color. We also ask some basic formulation questions which will help us determine your mastery of color theory.

Final Interview

Successful candidates will proceed to a final interview where we review details of the position including pay and policies, ask a series of questions of the applicant tomake a determination of fit.

Please self-manage your interview process.  If at any point you are unsure of the next step, reach out to us.  Don’t assume we’ve lost interest; If we’re no longer interested, we’ll let you know!

Advancement in Phia Concept Salons tends to be very rapid due to the speed that the companies are growing and the abundance of training opportunities available. Someone with the perfect combination of aptitude, attitude, work-ethic, and drive, may receive several promotions per year. Since all positions have an element of pay-for-performance, pay increases never end!


Education is paramount at Phia Concept Salons

Technical education in a typical calendar year includes:

    • 10 to 15 technical classes with National educators
    • 15 to 20  technical classes with Regional educators
    • 20 to 30 technical classes with top stylists in the Phia Concept network
    • 40 to 45 new talent trainings and stylist meetings
    • 40 to 45  guest service coordinator trainings,
    • And 4 quarterly staff development meetings

The Phia Commitments

More than 8 years ago, the staff-leaders at our original location gathered to determine what sort of workplace they wanted to enjoy each day.

They created the following commitments, a standard to which our staff aspires every day.

  1. We commit to celebrating one another’s successes.
  2. We commit to taking responsibility for our actions and their results.
  3. We commit to keeping our workplace beautiful for our clients and functionally ideal for ourselves.
  4. We commit to doing all we can to make each client feel welcome and important.
  5. We commit to respecting time as a resource, both for our clients and ourselves.
  6. We commit to working together to create a well-oiled machine where each stylist and client enjoys a powerful experience.
  7. We commit to continual personal professional growth and to asking for help in our areas of opportunity.
  8. We commit to carefully preserve the resources of the salon and to be mindful in usage of all salon resources, including color, backbar, and office supplies.
  9. We commit to carefully preserving the purposeful focus of the salon and to addressing anything that may distract from or drain that focus.
  10. We commit to addressing any concerns that may arise as soon as reasonably possible, in an appropriate manner and with the appropriate audience.
  11. We commit to listening with an open mind when others approach us with concerns.
  12. We commit to actively build our books, even when it requires a step outside our ‘comfort zones.
  13. We commit to supporting one-another in our marketing efforts.
  14. We commit to holding one-another accountable when we act in any manner that is inconsistent with any of these commitments.