The Phia
Concepts Difference

We see it time and time again: Talented, hard-working salon owners and independents drowning in the day-to-day details of running their business and struggling to give their clients the attention they deserve.

Phia Concepts is the
solution that SAVES YOU MONEY!

While any salon can apply for coaching, education, or speaking, only Phia Concept salons receive the full complement of Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service, Recruiting, and proven systems that produce results year after year.

These expenses can drive a small salon under, but with Phia Concepts Service, Systems, and Support, you’ll be set up to save money in each area while improving your results!

Becoming a Member Salon

Apply now to see to see if you might be considered as a Phia Concepts Designated Salon. Request a complimentary 15-minute telephone or video interview to learn more.