While our team has prepared workshops and speaking topics, our strength is in communicating messages that our clients are struggling to communicate. We have spoken both in industry and outside of the salon world at conferences, workshops, and sales meetings. Clients include product vendors and distributors, industry associations, and salons.

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Salon Leadership Workshops

(full-day programs for salon-owners and managers)

  • Creating the Vision of Your Dreams
  • Creating the Culture to Support the Vision of Your Dreams
  • Reputation Bliss: Beyond Reputation Management
  • Planning For Success: Making Friends With Metrics

Salon Staff

(half-day or full-day workshops)

  • Creating Raving fans
  • Helping Your Guest Take Home Everything They Need
  • Team Communication: Making Work More Like Play
  • Abundance: earning a full-time income in 25 hours per week
  • PRISE: Using Promos to Create Long-Term Fans
  • Workplace Wellness: Moving Beyond “Not Sick”

Leaders and Individuals

  • What is a Weakness? Your Challenge is your Superpower
  • Women: Using pleasure to create the world of your dreams
  • Men: Why the world is so desperate for loving male leadership and how that can revolutionize your business
  • Vibrant Wellness for the salon professional

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