Leize the DaySM

A Personal Coaching Journey

Spend six months with me and you’ll be astonished by what you can create. I’ve helped hundreds of women define and achieve their dreams. And I can help you!

The goal is empowerment,
not dependence

You already have most of what you need. I am just going to remind you of that!

Do You...

  • Have a dream on the shelf?
  • A project you want to complete?
  • Want a shift in one or more of your relationships?
  • Desire?

Are You...

  • Tired of asking for less than you deserve?
  • Tired of working so damn hard?
  • Tired of feeling blah?
  • Just tired?

Do You Want to Create...

  • A business?
  • A relationship?
  • A family?
  • A sisterhood?
  • The life of your dreams?

Leize Your GoddessSM Trainings

As with many things, more is not necessarily better! I encourage you to select the fewest touch points that you feel will deliver the results you seek.

Every Goddess who enters into a personal coaching journey with me receives:

  • Welcome Call with introductory assignments to prepare for your journey
  • One or more Leize Your Dream℠ Sessions to provide clarity on your direction
  • 24 group calls to build from the momentum of others
  • Enrollment in my next Leize Your Goddess℠ Novitiate
  • Email access to me between calls to quickly move through blocks between calls
  • Practice materials to accelerate results
  • Private coaching sessions at the level to match the commitment and investment she chooses:


Founder and CEO of Phia Concepts and several of its member salons, Leize Bella is a Results-oriented leader and entrepreneur with significant experience in creating, developing, and growing sales and service teams.

After building and selling a multi-unit fitness group, Leize moved into the salon industry where she has produced best-in-class results in strategy creation, brand differentiation, and shaping online reputation in the personal services arena.

Salons she owns and guides have posted consistent year-over-year growth and are regularly recognized in Salon Today’s ST-200.

Leize is a gifted communicator, with superior presentation, coaching, feedback and group-facilitation skills resulting in continuous improvement of team performance.

She has demonstrated remarkable success in establishing and achievement of sales, cost, performance, and income goals in periods of economic prosperity, economic stability, and even in economic crisis, most recently leading member salons through the Covid Pandemic with strength and grace.

Proven results in:

Unleashing Divine Feminine Power | Calling Forth “The King” | Developing Passionate, Committed Teams | Freeing the Bonds of the “Starving Artist” | Retooling Destructive Patterns and Putting them to Work | Radical Empowerment | Parenting from the Extraordinary | Building your Dream Business


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Apply now to see if you might be a fit for one of our coaching programs. Options start as low as $200/month. Request a complimentary 15-minute telephone or video interview to learn more.

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