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Mike’s supports clients in creating the changes they want in their personal and professional lives through holding individuals accountable for their own learning and development.

A challenging, rewarding and
enjoyable experience

Mike began coaching in the early 2000’s (certification 2002, Vicki Spina), but unlike so many coaches who listen, guide and advise with no experience of their own, Mike has continued his real estate, small business and investing activities, giving him an enhanced understanding of the challenges his clients face.

Mike supports clients in creating the changes they want in their personal and professional lives through holding individuals accountable for their own learning and development. Coaching is intensely personal so the learning process must be challenging, rewarding and also enjoyable. Michael is comfortable with silence and believes that the individuals he coaches have within the answers they seek; His skill lies in asking the questions that solicit those answers.

While Mike may appear to be your typical “guy’s guy,” he has directed, guided, and mentored hundreds of women throughout his career, so he is the perfect coaching choice for any professional who finds comfort in his gentle masculine energy or for men who find themselves struggling to connect with their female staff, partners or renters.

One of the greatest gifts he offers his clients is helping them recognize ego and learn how to put the ego to work to achieve their dreams. Collaborating with his wife (founder and CEO of Phia Concepts) and a mostly-female workforce for decades has helped him to begin to see the ways culture did not prepare him to be the man he always intended to be. He has become somewhat “multi-lingual” in feminine and masculine energies, and even knows how to connect with the hyper-masculine tendencies that are often driving (and destroying) salons.If you would like to set up a complimentary 15-minute interview with Michael, click here .

Congratulations! If you’re seeking more information about Coaching, you are in the perfect place to have one of the most enriching experiences available to a person looking to grow personally, to make life changes, or just to become the best-version-of himself or herself. Before you begin coaching with anyone, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I really in a place where I am open to looking at things differently
  • Am I ready to make this commitment, however that commitment looks for me
  • For some people, the most significant investment is time
  • For others, the most significant commitment is the financial investment
  • For many, the most significant commitment is the emotional work required
  • And of course, for some, the most significant commitment is willingness to make life changes that she decides must be made to achieve the results s/he desires

Selecting a coach

Once you have decided that coaching is right for you and this is the right time in your life to coach, you will want to select a coach. The choice of a coach is an intensely personal decision. If you spread the word that you’re looking for a coach, our experience is that you will be amazed at the coincidences that bring potential coaches into your life. Take the time to interview each possible coach and ask yourself:

  • Am I comfortable with this person?
  • Could I open up with this person?
  • Do I feel a “connection” to this person?
  • Do I prefer to coach by phone or in person?

Many, if not most, coaches do coach over the phone, but if you are uncomfortable over the phone, you will want to select a coach who is local, or with whom you click so well that you can address the discomfort.

Request more information

Apply now to see if you might be a fit for one of our coaching programs. Options start as low as $200/month. Request a complimentary 15-minute telephone or video interview to learn more.

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